How Its Made

See how we handle all projects from start to finish. Vitamins, Supplements, Skin-care & Cosmetics and Sports Nutrition. We guide you through every step of the manufacturing process.


Contract Manufacturing Laboratories


We specialize in manufacturing & developing the best-in-class products using the latest technologies, offering comprehensive quality, assurance testing, Business Development solutions and contract manufacturing facilities based on our customers’ needs.
Pakaging & Labeling Products


We offer a huge variety of packaging, labelling & designing services, making sure to adhere to the guidelines set by FDA & other regulatory bodies and authorities, providing our customers with the proper services they need.


Our Research & Development team is the key behind the science in our products and are keen to develop & formulate the latest & up to date formulas to ensure that our products are leading in the market & to keep up with the changing trends in the industry to ensure outstanding & highest quality products.

Dietary Supplements , Vitamins & Antioxidants

At Well Aliments our sole focus is researching, developing and offering a wide range of innovative premium quality, diverse product-line of vitamins, supplements, Health-care & Nutraceutical products that are manufactured to be up to date with the fast-moving market.
Our commitment to world-class product quality and speed of production, ensures that the relationship with customers is a long and productive one.
Vitamin Supplement Products

Skin-care & Cosmetics

Our focus is to offer the highest quality, most effective, exceptional & innovative skin-care products such as Creams, Serums, toners, oils, primers & much more. Our Scientists are keen on formulating the Best-in-Class formulas for fast and remarkable results that exceeds all expectations, that is why we are trusted by our customers worldwide.
Sports Nutrition & Body Building Solutions
We are committed to offering the most innovative and effective line of Sports nutrition and body building products to fuel our legends, Sports gurus & athletes delivering maximum Boost, strength, Intensity, Endurance & Results, in addition to other numerous Body Building & Sports nutrition solutions.
Sports Supplements
Private Labeling Products
Private Labelling & Custom Formulation
In addition to formulating and producing our own branded products for private label, Well Aliments can also provide you with Private Labelling & Custom Formulation services to develop your own products ether by having one of our products under your brand name or by formulating a totally new product from scratch. Our experts have the ability to turn your concept into a reality with our extensive R&D, Bespoke Manufacturing facilities, Knowledge & Science which allows us to produce almost any type of private label or custom formulated product.
Export Documentation
At Well Aliments, we assist our international clients, as we know that countries operate with a different set of regulations when it comes to importing vitamins & supplements, Beauty & Skin-care and Sports Nutrition Products. We not only assist you in understanding what those regulations mean to you in terms of the necessary export documentation, but also how it can affect your product’s formulation, packaging and labelling requirements. We have ample experience exporting to Asia, Caribbean, Europe, Latin America , Middle East , Africa and North America.
Global Excellence & World-Class Experience
As one of the leading diversified companies in the USA,Well Aliments guarantees to serve its customers beyond global excellence. That is why we are trusted globally as being leaders in the Nutraceuticals, Skin-Care & Cosmetics and Sports Nutrition Fields.
World Class Excellence