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We have capabilities to manufacture any type of nutraceutical gummy formula. From sourcing each ingredient in your formula, to post filling inspection; we do it all. At the best prices and the fastest lead times. We have the experience to help you formulate a new product for your target audience, or discuss with you how to properly scale your manufacturing. As your partner it is our job for long-term gummy manufacturing success.

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We are able to offer fast lead time for softgels to our customers. As softgels continue to become more and more popular with the consumers, we're more prepared to accommodate our customers' needs better. By choosing softgels, our customers will be able to customize the shape and color.

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Chewable Softgels

Chewable vitamins are very popular among the younger generations and the demand for chewable softgels, especially forms containing Omega-3s and Fish Oil, is growing fast. At Well Aliments. we strive to fulfill all of our customers' needs, by following the latest innovations and technology. We can offer you a wide variety of shapes and sizes of chewable softgels to better assist all of your business's need.

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Well Aliments is your go-to resource for capsules needs. Our diversity and experience in private labeling/contract manufacturing hard or soft gelatin, vegetarian and gelatin, two-piece hard shell capsule forms, grants us the ability to produce practically any type of capsule delivery system you need. At Well Aliments we go the extra mile to help you produce your supplements the way you want them—not how we think they should be. Our experienced R&D team are always at your disposal to offer recommendations and solutions, but the final word is always yours.

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Vegetarian Capsules

To accommodate our vegetarian conscious customers we also offer vegetarian capsules. Our shells are 100% vegetarian and our formulators will work with you to have a 100% vegetarian capsule, and this product is as effective as gelatin-based capsules.

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Traditional tablets are still one of the cost-effective forms of supplements, if your goal is to get the highest volume of product for your money's worth. Many multivitamin and multi-ingredient formulas are produced in tablet form because the most materials can be packed within the space of a tablet. Tablets can also extend the stability and shelf life of your product for a longer period of time.

Well Aliments has a variety of tablet sizes for you to choose from to get your formula done right. In addition, we also provide tablet coating services that are performed on 48-inch and 60-inch Vector Hi-Coaters. You also have the choice of aqueous clear and color coating, and enteric coating.

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Chewable Tablets & Gummies

Variety is the main key to surviving a diverse nutritional supplement market. Chewable tablets & Gummies, offer yet additional means of delivering effective nutrients to customers who do not wish to swallow their tablets or capsules.

Chewable tablets & Gummies, need to be just as absorbable and nutritious as their softgel or tablet counterparts, but they also require an additional flavoring component to make them easier on the palate and more delicious. Well Aliments team will ensure that any chewable tablets or gummies you request will be as nutritious and flavorful as any of our other formulas should you choose this option for your products.

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Well Aliments can offer a wide variety of powdered products to meet the individual needs of the nutritional supplement industry. Our commitment to creating quality powders with incredible flavor is unmatched.

We are more than equipped to expertly fulfill powder manufacturing orders regardless of quantity.

It's not enough to have an efficacious formula with quality ingredients if your customer loathes the taste. Different vitamins, minerals, herbs, amino acids, and all other dietary ingredients have unique flavor challenges to overcome. That's where we come in. Our Research and Development flavor experts will take your formula and give you the best-flavored product along with offering the most innovative and effective line of Sports nutrition and body building products to fuel our legends, Sports gurus & athletes delivering maximum Boost, strength, Intensity, Endurance & Results, in addition to other numerous Body Building & Sports nutrition solutions.

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