How do I Find a Best Private Label Supplement Manufacturer in USA?

In recent years, the supplement market has seen tremendous growth. Customers are spending billions on natural products to improve the quality of life. With this trend, it can be quite rewarding to start a supplement brand .

For start-ups, the cost of purchasing equipment can be too high. The better alternative is to use private label supplements manufacturers. Whether you need help from scratch or you already have a formula, private labeling can bring your product to life. But with the many options out there, finding the right manufacturer can be bewildering. So, how do I find a private label supplement manufacturer in USA? Let’s jump right in!

Private Label Supplements

Look for NSF and GMP Compliance

The best private label manufacturer is FDA inspected and GMP compliant. This assures clients of the highest safety and quality standards. Good manufacturing practice (GMP) refers to a set of regulations enforced by Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. It’s paramount that all supplements are produced in accordance with the set regulations. Of course, you may want to compare different companies with other non-compliant companies in the industry.

Quality Ingredients

When looking for a private label manufacturer, you cannot compromise on the quality of ingredients. There are a variety of ingredients that can be used in your formula. It’s prudent that use a company that offers different ingredient combinations. High-quality ingredients will satisfy your customers and avoid complaints. Above all, this will help you retain your brand identity. If you’re targeting health-conscious audience you want to use natural and organic ingredients in your supplements.

Competitive Pricing

Let’s be honest, health supplements are on the rise, so pricing is competitive. When you target your labels to a specific niche, you’ll achieve more success rather than try to appease everyone. Most contract manufacturing nutritional supplements require a company with a proven record of success. However, all manufacturers are not the same. You can make quick savings by choosing a manufacturer who provides the best price. When manufacturers give everything you need, you can save big on start-up costs. Some will also provide R&D services, so you’ll have nothing to worry about. Another way of saving on cost is to choose a company that can help in the marketing of your product. This will help you to concentrate on other things that matter in your business.

Superior Customer Service

The best private label manufacturer should have professional representatives who are ready to answer any questions you may have. They should align you to a product development consultant and address any questions you may have. The team should be available 24/7 in case of any queries.

Low Minimum Orders

You should work with a company that allows for low minimums. This means you can start your business with small amount of capital keeping you in control of your cash flow. Here are some reasons why you should work with a low minimum manufacturer.

Test Your Products Before Investing Too Much Money

This is the most effective way of keeping the costs at a minimum. You can easily figure out which products sell. This will help your business save as much as possible.

Scale Your Business Quicker

Working with a manufacturer who requires big orders mean you must have ready cash for the next marketing cycle. Why let the manufacturer control your business? Just work with a low minimum company to ensure you have enough cash to upscale your business.

Keeps the Product Shelf-life Fresh

While there are many benefits of using a private label manufacturer like reputation and competitive pricing, you should always think about the shelf life of your products. When the manufacturer allows for low minimums, he’ll eliminate the stress of managing the shelf orders.
Although the industry average of minimum quantity order is 2000, some will go as low as 750. This makes it easy for brands to experiment with their new products. Other than that, you can tap into potential revenue streams.

Fast Turn-around Times

A manufacturer with highly trained scientists and large volume capabilities can guarantee fast turnaround times. To get an idea about the capacity of the manufacturer, you may want to tour to understand the production facility. Any company that uses automated machines is a plus. What’s more, the manufacturer should have equipment like powder mixers, tablet presses, and bottling lines. The company you choose should satisfy the need for any growing business. This will also minimize the risk of your products not selling through.

Integrity Matters

When choosing private labeling services, you don’t want to deal with a manufacturer with questionable practices. Look for a company that maintains the highest standards of integrity throughout the operations. This can be done by doing a background check on the number of years the company has been in existence. Many years of experience means excellence. The manufacturer should help you deliver a safe and effective product that will grow your business to full potential.

Should Create the Perfect Labels for Your Supplements

Design and packaging is an essential factor in the overall success of your business. The best manufacturers should have a team of professional designers to help you come up with a brand name that will differentiate your business from the competition.And with advancement in technology, most manufacturers use digital printers to create perfect labels for products. Besides that, the company should offer different packaging options like jars, bottles, etc.

Making the Final Decision

While there are many private label supplement manufacturers to choose from, you have to select the best. To start with, have a one-on-one conversation and determine whether you like them. Secondly, outline the services you need including marketing and design. Thirdly, ask how long it will take to put the product on the shelf. Finally, read the customer reviews and ask if you can speak to some of their clients.

Final Thoughts

When choosing a private label supplements manufacturer in USA, be sure you’re working with a recognized company. Other than that, you should have an opportunity to incorporate your own formulas and use any design template. Even if you only have an idea, the company should be willing to work with you throughout the process. It’s worth mentioning that the manufacturer must adhere to the industry regulations.

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